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Elections: 2018

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General Election - November 6, 2018, 7 am until 8 pm

  • Early Voting for the General Election
    Thursday, October 25, 2018 through Thursday, November 1, 2018 from 10 am until 8 pm.


Your 2018 Democratic Slate:

Governor/Lt. Governor: Ben Jealous and Susan Turnbull
Comptroller: Peter Franchot
Attorney General: Brian E. Frosh
U.S. Senator: Ben Cardin
U.S. House: Steny H. Hoyer
State Senate District 27: Thomas V. Mike Miller, Jr.
State Senate District 29: Thomas Brewer
House of Delegates 27B: Michael A. Jackson
House of Delegates 27C: Jason T. Fowler
House of Delegates 29C: Julia Margaret Nichols
County Commissioner At Large: Greg Brown
County Commissioner At Large: Matt Bennett
County Commissioner District 1: Tricia V. Powell
County Commissioner District 2: Susie Hance-Wells
County Commissioner District 3: Holly Heintz Budd
Clerk of the Circuit Court: Kathy P. Smith
Register of Wills: Margaret H. Phipps
Judge of the Orphans' Court: Tammy Fowler
Judge of the Orphans' Court: Thomas M. Pelagatti
Sheriff: Michael Hawkins

The Calvert County Democratic Central Committee would like to express our deepest gratitude to everyone who ran this primary season. We are a better Party thanks to all contributions and we look forward to working with each candidate going forward and in future races.


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Brian Frosh for Attorney General

Posted 18 September 2018

CCDCC Brian Frosh, Maryalnd Attorney GeneralThe start date of Early Voting, October 25, is just around the corner and I know you share the knowledge that getting out the vote for Democrats is vital. My campaign for re-election as Attorney General is thrilled with the energy of your Democratic team across Calvert County.


I have worked hard to be the People’s Lawyer for the past four years and the office has proved to be a powerful platform. Still, there is much work still to be done and I hope you will support me to continue the fight.


In September, we brought suit against a business that we allege led Marylanders to become addicted to opioids after the company’s fentanyl spray was prescribed to them.  My team is deeply committed to this issue – we know that few families are untouched by the opioid crisis.


My AG team has prosecuted criminal gangs, car-jacking rings, and other serious threats to our safety. We shut down scammers. We are tackling Medicaid fraud and abuse against the elderly and vulnerable. And, finally, where President Trump has threatened Maryland’s health care, environment, rights and values, I have stood up to protect Marylanders. 


Join me. Get a Frosh sign, bumper sticker, or t-shirt at the Dems’ office at 250 Merrimac Court in Prince Frederick. And, above all, vote and get every Democrat you know to join you! Thank you.  

Brian Frosh 

Maryland Attorney General

Ballot Initiative Question 2

Posted 14 September 2018

Question 2: Election Day Voter Registration

Voting is a most fundamental right with which all citizens are endowed. Under current law, eligible voters may register to vote during the Early Voting period but may not register on Election Day, itself. There is no reason to make this distinction, and the Election Day Voter Registration Amendment would remove that prohibition.


Just before the primaries, the Maryland MVA announced that over 80,000 voter registrations were not properly updated. This announcement came after voter registration and Early Voting had closed, so many voters had no opportunity to correct the error before the polls opened. And, like many states, Maryland periodically purges voter rolls to combat potential voter fraud. A few simple missed form letters creates the possibility for voters to be removed from the rolls without their knowledge.


The amendment proposed does not enact a law to allow eligible voters to register on Election Day, but it removes the Constitutional prohibition. Currently, the Maryland Constitution does not allow the legislature to even consider a bill for same-day registration, much less debate its worth or implementation. Removing this restriction simply opens the door for a conversation about voter registration and election security. 


If Election Day voter registration is available, then any mistakes made either on the part of the voter or on the part of the Board of Elections can be corrected at the polls. With the passage of this initiative, Maryland would join 16 other states and the District in this bipartisan effort towards access to the polls. A yes vote on this ballot initiative is the first step in a path towards ensuring that any eligible voter who wishes to vote, can vote.




2018 Ballot Initiative Question 1

Posted 13 September 2018

Question 1: Dedicate Gambling Revenue to Education Lockbox.
Maryland voters were sold on slot machines in 2008, and on table games in 2012, with the promise that all tax proceeds would go to supplement K-12 education. Under Gov. Hogan’s administration, this has not been realized.

CCDCC Ed Funding
Source: Dept. of Legislative Services

Since 2009, approximately $1.9b from this revenue stream has gone to projects other than education. This Constitutional Amendment would gradually phase those funds into education over the next five years: 

  • $125m in FY2020
    • $250m in FY2021,
      • $375m in FY2022. 
        • By 2023, all appropriate tax revenue collected from casinos would be devoted to K-12 education, currently estimated to be $517m. 

Also, under this proposal, these funds are not considered in Maryland’s federal minimum obligations to our students. Under this amendment, funds can't then be shifted out of education and into other projects as has been happening since 2008. Gambling revenue will go only towards supplementing Maryland's minimum obligation.


Both houses approved the ballot initiative by wide margins. Let’s ensure that we provide quality education to Maryland students and close the education funding gap. Vote “yes” to dedicate specific gambling revenue as supplemental education funding.



Chamber of Commerce Candidate Forum

Calvert County Chamber of Commerce Candidates Forum

College of Southern Maryland
115 J.W. Williams Rd. Bldg. B
Prince Frederick, MD 20678

Plan to attend this important event and meet the various candidates for countywide office.

All the candidates for County office have been invited. Each has been offered table space for their campaign materials and the opportunity to meet our Chamber members and the public. The ten candidates for the Board of County Commissioners and the two candidates for Calvert County Sheriff will participate in a forum and answer your questions.

This event is FREE and open to the public.  No registration is required.


Event Date

Margaret H. Phipps, Register of Wills

CCDCC Margaret PhippsMargaret Phipps has been serving Calvert County citizens for 40 years as Register of Wills. She has the experience, legal knowledge, technical expertise and leadership ability to provide the service citizens of Calvert County deserve. Although the Register cannot set policy nor give legal advice, they must know the law. She is constantly involved, even at the state level, and stays abreast of current laws and changes to better serve the people and work with attorneys. As an advocate of technology, she has served as chair of the automation committee for the Maryland Registers of Wills Association since 1992, moving all the Registers from typewriters to a highly technical program. This program has received national honors.


Margaret grew up in the funeral business where she quickly learned to understand how death can affect people and to have a deep compassion for them. She finds it heartwarming to know that she has been able to help so many people during one of the most traumatic times in their lives, the loss of a loved one.


Over the years, Margaret has been a dedicated civil servant and a tireless agent of community service. Her door is always open to assist and guide you.




Michael Hawkins, Sheriff

CCDCC Michael HawkinsI am the Democratic candidate for the office of Calvert County Sheriff. A proven leader, I am a 28 year veteran of the Maryland State Police retiring at a commander's rank in July 2014 and a highly decorated trooper at patrol, supervisor, and command ranks. My experience and service on the force makes me supremely qualified to offer the high caliber law enforcement service that Calvert County deserves. As a state trooper, I was selected by the department to attend the noted Johns Hopkins University Police Executive Management Program where I earned a Master’s Degree in Business Management. During my career I served in Calvert, Prince George’s, Charles, Anne Arundel, and Baltimore County as well as handling assignments in Baltimore City. With my breadth of experience, I am highly tuned in to the issues of the area and how they specifically affect Calvert County.


A Calvert County native, I attended Northern High School and am very familiar with the needs and concerns of Calvert. In response to a strong desire to serve my community, I joined the Maryland State Police directly from college in 1986. I served as the commander of the La Plata Barrack, the Personnel HRD and Recruiting Division, as well as serving as the Operations Commander of one the state police's largest divisions supervising over 175 sworn and civilian personnel. I am not a career politician. I am running because I truly feel that I can and will bring a wealth of experience, training, dedication and most of all a strong grasp on providing optimal quality police service to the citizens of the Calvert County. I am a believer in Calvert solutions to local problems, and I will always seek community input and respect community perspectives.







Tricia Powell, Candidate for Commissioner (District 1)

CCDCC Tricia PowellTricia Powell has lived in Calvert County for over 20 years. She has experience working in county government in areas like public works, procurement, budgets and regulatory and legislative analysis. Her background also includes serving as an elected member to the Drum Point Property Owners Association, where Tricia was instrumental in reducing the Special Tax District fee. Tricia believes in supporting our teachers, keeping residents safe relative to Dominion and using smart growth concepts in our Comprehensive Plan.





Susie Hance-Wells, Candidate for Commissioner (District 2)

CCDCC Susie Hance-WellsHance-Wells’ vision for Calvert County is to achieve a balance of residential and commercial development, while providing for the preservation of the many natural, cultural, and historical attributes Calvert County has to offer. Working together, a Comprehensive Plan can be generated and implemented to accomplish this goal. Action plans are a critical component of planning. How one reaches a goal can be as important as the goal itself.





Holly Budd, Candidate for Commissioner (District 3)


CCDCC Holly BuddI grew up on the Chesapeake Bay, crabbing, fishing, sailing, and building sand castles, tree houses, and secret gardens in the woods. After graduating from Southern, I attended Cook College and Rutgers University, where I got my BS in Environmental Studies, competed for Rutgers Gymnastics, and met my husband, Mark. Since then, I have worked as a naturalist, coached gymnastics, planted my vegetable garden in the shape of a labyrinth, sold organic eggs and chickens, and raised three children. I returned to school for a MBA from Trinity DC, with an emphasis on Women in Leadership, in 2008. I am the president/CEO of Williams & Heintz Map Corporation, the family printing company that was started by my great grandfather.


The environment, education, social justice, smart growth, transportation, and supporting local food, agriculture, and business are some of the issues that are important to me that you can learn about on my website.








Matt Bennett, Candidate for Commissioner (At Large)

CCDCC Matt BennettI may only be twenty years old by the time I take office, but you don’t have to be thirty to care for your neighbors. You don’t have to be forty to understand a budget or fifty to play your part in our democracy. I will not wait on the sidelines when I know how to improve our community. The future is too important to wait my turn. Knowing Democrats have gotten swept in elections for seats on the BOCC in the last two cycles, I know we must run unique and different candidates to win in Calvert County. The only way we’ll win is by bringing in a new generation of voters that otherwise would be ignoring the race for commissioner. I’ve lived in Calvert County my whole life and I know we deserve so much better out of our local government. Read about my platform of common sense investment and governmental accessibility on my website! Our residents’ voices and tax dollars need to go much further.





Greg Brown, Candidate for Commissioner (At Large)

CCDCC Greg BrownGreg Brown teaches history in Prince George’s county and has been interested in politics since JFK’s assassination. He wants to be the “Listener Commissioner.” Greg promises to always keep the best interests of Calvert residents in mind, and though as Commissioner he may not always vote the way you want him to, you can be confident that he heard you and weighed your interests in that decision. Greg’s focuses are on siding with individuals over big business, veterans’ issues, and maintaining core American values.









Julia Nichols, Candidate House of Delegates (District 29C)

CCDCC Julia NicholsI chose the campaign slogan “Building Bridges” because my district bridges two counties, but also because I’ve seen too much division in government. I believe we get the most done when we work together. Education is a top priority for me – it’s important we invest in public education to build a strong community. We need to ensure funding is at the appropriate level to close the achievement gap and also fund high quality professional development for our teachers. The roads, bridges and other infrastructure in St. Mary’s and Calvert counties need more attention from Annapolis. As Delegate, I will advocate for the Thomas Johnson Bridge to be rebuilt in a way that will accommodate the increase in traffic we’ve seen over the decades. We need to ensure that the growth taking place in both St. Mary's and Calvert Counties is in line with our infrastructure. The Chesapeake Bay and its watershed is a beautiful and crucial aspect of our community. Our watermen, our tourist industry and local restaurants depend on the Bay, and we need to ensure its waters remain clean. As Delegate, I will work to ensure policies implemented across the state will keep our land, air and water clean.








Jason Fowler, Candidate for House of Delegates (District 27C)

CCDCC Jason FowlerJason Fowler was born and raised in Calvert County. He grew up in Dunkirk and Owings and currently resides in North Beach with his wife Tamara and their daughter Zoey. Jason is advocating for Pre-k education for all 3-4 year-olds throughout the entire state of Maryland and for investments to infrastructure and technology to improve traffic and reduce highway fatalities. Jason is advocating to create a funding formula for a replacement of the Thomas Johnson Bridge. His campaign is working to create a renewable energy portfolio that will allow all of Maryland’s energy to be from renewable sources by the year 2040. Jason is also advocating for many initiatives to improve the cleanliness of our Bay and supporting rivers. Jason believes fixing our environment will create greater economic opportunities for our area and encourage success in our water-based businesses. Jason’s multi-party team is dedicated to putting all citizens over partisan gridlock. Jason is committed to put Calvert First.




Del. Mike Jackson, running for Reelection House of Delegates (District 27B)

CCDCC Mike JacksonIn 2014, Michael A. Jackson was elected Maryland State Delegate for District 27B, where he sits on the Appropriations Committee and the Public Safety & Administration Sub-Committee. Currently, Jackson serves as Deputy Director for Administration & Support Services with the Office of Homeland Security for Prince George’s County. He gained executive management and leadership experience during his 22 years with the Prince George’s County Sheriff’s Office. He served over five years as Fraternal Order of Police president and eight years as the elected Sheriff for Prince George’s County. He established the first 24/7 Domestic Violence Intervention Unit in the Mid-Atlantic Region.


Jackson is a graduate of both The Johns Hopkins University and DeVry University, and serves as an Associate Professor at University of Maryland University College and as an Assistant Professor at DeVry University.





Twitter: www.twitter/Michaelfor27B



Thomas Brewer, Candidate for State Senate (District 29)

CCDCC Thomas Brewer"I was born and raised in District 29.  I only left to attend graduate school at the University of Maryland School of Pharmacy, returning afterward as a pharmacist intent on serving my community in the retail pharmacy setting.  I left the industry in 2011 when I realized how bad the opioid problem had become in the area, as it had all over the country.  I became more involved in local government as President of St. Mary's County’s Commission on the Environment while working for a local, independently-owned restaurant, and I believe that my experience with local government and small business along with my background in the field of pharmacy provide a unique perspective to address some of the pressing needs of the area I call home."


Thomas is interested in working on the opioid epidemic, making education a top priority and working on environmental issues, including the establishment of a composting facility for Southern Maryland, and universal background checks before buying a firearm.






Sen. Mike Miller, candidate for reelction State Senator (District 27)

CCDCC Mike Miller“Throughout my years of leadership in the Senate, I’ve focused on the needs of my constituents and our priorities in District 27. From education growth, to protecting our environment and the Chesapeake Bay, to helping more people receive healthcare coverage, and creating greater outlets and resources for small businesses, I’m proud to stand up for the needs of my constituents. I will always fight to deliver for Southern Maryland and protect our state from the damaging agenda of the federal government.”

Mike first ran for the Maryland House of Delegates in 1970. After a term in the House, he was elected to the Maryland Senate in 1974, and in 1987 his fellow Senators elected him President of the Maryland Senate. He has been elected to that position for the past 26 years, making him the longest serving Senate President in Maryland history and the longest serving Senate President in the country.




Kathy P. Smith, Clerk of the Circuit Court

CCDCC Kathy Smith Clerk of the Circuit Court

I have 20 years of experience administering the complex laws governing the Circuit Court, and I am dedicated to providing courteous, professional service and accurate information. Elected/Civic Activities: Clerk of the Circuit Court 1998-present; deputy clerk of court, 1980-98; past president, Maryland Circuit Court Clerks’ Association; past State Chair, Conference of Circuit Court Clerks; member, Conference of Circuit Court Administrators; member, Court of Appeals Standing Committee on Rules of Practice and Procedure, 2007-2013. BS Criminal Justice, AA - Law Enforcement, Certificate in Court Management NCSC.




Tammy Fowler, Judge of the Orphans' Court

CCDCC Tammy Fowler Candidate for Judge of the Orphans CourtAs an attorney at Fowler and Fowler Law, LLC, in Calvert County, that provides legal services to its citizens with estate planning and probate issues, I feel that I am equipped to provide legal experience, insight and aid to the people of Calvert County as an Orphans’ Court Judge. As a new mother, I understand the importance of estate planning, and the possible hurdles families must overcome when a loved one does not have a will. As an Orphans’ Court Judge, I will aim at helping families maneuver through a tough situation with the greatest sympathy and legal prowess. I hope to have your vote in November 2018!