2019 General Assembly

Possible 2019 Bills

Posted 06 December 2018

As we prepare for the 2019 General Assembly Session, we’ve been talking to organizations and Legislators about the potential bills they are working on. Here are a few that may be introduced early in the Session, and you may want to begin to learn about.


  • $15 Statewide Minimum Wage by 2023 (no bill number yet) – Incrementally increases minimum wage (for all workers, including tipped and seasonal) yearly, and then “indexes” minimum wage to cost of living.
  • Salary History Disclosure Prohibition (no bill number yet) – Prohibits potential employers from asking about a salary history and requiring that employers provide a job salary range upon an applicant’s request.


  • Summer SNAP program for children (no bill number yet) – Provides supplemental food during June, July, and August to low-income families.
  • Family Medical Leave Insurance Program (no bill number yet) – Establishes a private sector family and medical leave insurance fund to provide partial wage replacement for employees who take unpaid leave for family care.
  • Child Support for Post-Secondary Education (no bill number yet) – Allows for child support to be considered until the age 21 for students enrolled in post-secondary education or a vocational training program.

Crime and Safety:

  • Protective Order Relief Eligibility for Survivors of Rape and Sexual Assault (no bill number yet) – Expands the applicants eligible for protective orders to victims of rape or sexual abuse regardless of the nature of the relationship with the assailant.
  • Pre-Release facility for women (no bill number yet) – Provides reentry resources for incarcerated women equivalent to those currently provided to incarcerated men.
  • Pregnant Women in Custody Protection Act (no bill number yet) – prohibits the use of restrictive housing or isolation on inmates and detainees during pregnancy and post-pregnancy recovery.
  • Expansion of Maryland’s Vacatur Law for survivors of human trafficking (no bill number yet) – Expands crimes eligible for vacating (currently only prostitution) for victims of trafficking whose crimes were committed while being trafficked.


  • HIV Prevention for Rape Survivors (no bill number yet) – Provides n-PEP (emergency medication to prevent HIV) to survivors of rape.
  • Prescription Drug Affordability Bill (no bill number yet) – Establishes a Prescription Drug Affordability Board, an Independent body to evaluate drug costs and set fair rates.
  • Assisted outpatient treatment (AOT) (no bill number yet) – delivers outpatient treatment under a civil court order to adults with severe mental illness who meet specific criteria, such as a prior history of repeated hospitalizations or arrest or violence.


  • Clean Energy Jobs Act (no bill number yet) – Expands Maryland’s renewable energy portfolio to 50% by 2030 and creates green jobs for local workers.
  • Ban on Expanded Polystyrene Foam (EPS) (no bill number yet) – Extends the current local bans (Montgomery, Prince George’s, and Baltimore Counties, Baltimore and Annapolis Cities) statewide, prohibiting the sale of EPS or the use of EPS as a food container.
  • Green and Healthy Maryland Amendment (no bill number yet) – Introduces a constitutional amendment which codifies the right of all Marylanders to a healthy, safe and clean environment.