Matt Bennett

Matt Bennett, Candidate for Commissioner (At Large)

CCDCC Matt BennettI may only be twenty years old by the time I take office, but you don’t have to be thirty to care for your neighbors. You don’t have to be forty to understand a budget or fifty to play your part in our democracy. I will not wait on the sidelines when I know how to improve our community. The future is too important to wait my turn. Knowing Democrats have gotten swept in elections for seats on the BOCC in the last two cycles, I know we must run unique and different candidates to win in Calvert County. The only way we’ll win is by bringing in a new generation of voters that otherwise would be ignoring the race for commissioner. I’ve lived in Calvert County my whole life and I know we deserve so much better out of our local government. Read about my platform of common sense investment and governmental accessibility on my website! Our residents’ voices and tax dollars need to go much further.