2018 Ballot Initiative Question 1

Posted 13 September 2018

Question 1: Dedicate Gambling Revenue to Education Lockbox.
Maryland voters were sold on slot machines in 2008, and on table games in 2012, with the promise that all tax proceeds would go to supplement K-12 education. Under Gov. Hogan’s administration, this has not been realized.

CCDCC Ed Funding
Source: Dept. of Legislative Services

Since 2009, approximately $1.9b from this revenue stream has gone to projects other than education. This Constitutional Amendment would gradually phase those funds into education over the next five years: 

  • $125m in FY2020
    • $250m in FY2021,
      • $375m in FY2022. 
        • By 2023, all appropriate tax revenue collected from casinos would be devoted to K-12 education, currently estimated to be $517m. 

Also, under this proposal, these funds are not considered in Maryland’s federal minimum obligations to our students. Under this amendment, funds can't then be shifted out of education and into other projects as has been happening since 2008. Gambling revenue will go only towards supplementing Maryland's minimum obligation.


Both houses approved the ballot initiative by wide margins. Let’s ensure that we provide quality education to Maryland students and close the education funding gap. Vote “yes” to dedicate specific gambling revenue as supplemental education funding.