Tammy Fowler

Tammy Fowler, Judge of the Orphans' Court

CCDCC Tammy Fowler Candidate for Judge of the Orphans CourtAs an attorney at Fowler and Fowler Law, LLC, in Calvert County, that provides legal services to its citizens with estate planning and probate issues, I feel that I am equipped to provide legal experience, insight and aid to the people of Calvert County as an Orphans’ Court Judge. As a new mother, I understand the importance of estate planning, and the possible hurdles families must overcome when a loved one does not have a will. As an Orphans’ Court Judge, I will aim at helping families maneuver through a tough situation with the greatest sympathy and legal prowess. I hope to have your vote in November 2018!

Email: tfowler@fowlerandfowlerlaw.com
Website: www.fowlerandfowlerlaw.com