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Many Ways to Make Your Voice Heard in Calvert County

With the 2018 elections behind us, we need to prepare for 2020, and your local political party needs more help than ever. But we understand that not everyone has time to contribute to a campaign, cause, or office. So if you want to help but can’t find the time, consider donating today.

Beyond the usual expenses of managing and maintaining a political party, a non-presidential election year tends to be very expensive. This is the time when all our local positions are on the ballot. Your friends and neighbors will be running for a position in county or state government which affects your community directly, and they look to their county party for support.

The Calvert County Democratic Central Committee tries to support local Democrats in all different ways. We establish a location where they can come and call their constituents or meet with their get-out-the-vote team and organize their strategy. We also try to help them by providing volunteers to knock on doors, place phone calls, or help organize their voter information. We try to host community events for them to get out and meet their constituents and learn about the issues that matter most to the voters. We also try to provide information to the voters so they know who their candidates are. While all these jobs are very time-intensive and require volunteers to execute, many of them also require funding.

Donating to a political party is an effective way of participating in government. By providing financial support to the candidates who will fight for the issues that matter most to you, you are supporting the ideas and values that will ultimately influence policy and governance.

So if you want to do your part to help Turn Calvert Blue, but can’t find the time, consider contributing here.








Get Your Calvert Democrats Tee Shirt Today!

Shirts are available for suggested donation of $20 in men's sizes S-3X. Get yours at your next meeting or by contacting us here.








Donate your time

Calvert County Democrats have worked hard to get the word out about Democratic principles and Candidates in this year's election, and even with the election behind us we still have a lot of work to do.

There will be tents, booths, and tables at major County functions. We will need staff to help us get the word out that we’re here, and continue to build on this year’s momentum. Staff at these events will be talking to passersby, handing out some information, and promoting Democratic values. Keep an eye on this page for events as they are scheduled! 

We also have several staffing positions that need to be filled. We need people to staff the office at Democratic Headquarters. Duties include getting the mail, answering phone and email messages, and keeping our records up to date. This is a great way to stay up on all the party news and events throughout the year. If you can give a few hours each week, please contact us today!