Calvert County Candidate Forums, Asbury Solomons

Posted 09 October 2018

CCDCC Forum 2018

Last week Asbury-Solomons hosted two Candidates Forums co-sponsored by the Patuxent Republican Club and the riverside Democratic Club. The first, on September 25th , featured non-commissioner candidates for Calvert County offices. The second, on September 27th, presented all the candidates for County Commissioner. Candidates for a single office presented side-by-side, each introducing themselves to the voters. A question period followed for each office. Close to 100 persons attended the first forum, and nearly 75 were at the second.

Questions at the first forum concerned safety at the Dominion LNG plant, Dominion’s arrangement with the county for hiring deputies, safety in the schools, and what can be done to improve the climate for small businesses on Solomons Island.

Questions raised for the Commissioner candidates included concerns about preserving the rural and agricultural character of Calvert County, the need to complete transportation and infrastructure studies to before the Comprehensive Plan is adopted, the future availability of drinking water for residents, and the lack of transparency in local government.

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