CCDCC Addresses Calvert Delegtion to Annapolis

Posted 16 November 2018

This week, some of our newly elected, or re-elected representatives made themselves available to the public at the annual Legislative Evening. They spoke for a few minutes about their expectations going into the 2019 General Assembly Session and then listened as concerned citizens and local organizations shared their legislative priorities for the coming year. Your Calvert County Democratic Central Committee Chair, David Salazar, was there to lay out for our representatives what we would like to see on the agenda this year.

David's Statement on Behalf of the CCDCC:

“We’d like to thank the League of Women Voters for providing this invaluable opportunity for voters and representatives to engage directly with each other. Having direct communication between elected officials and their constituents is essential for an open and transparent government.

The Democratic Party would like to congratulate everyone here on their election victories. We look forward to working with each of you in the coming years.

We have several concerns going into the 2019 General Assembly. Locally, the Thomas Johnson Bridge desperately needs to be addressed. Beyond the daily usage – for which it’s already inadequate – in the event of an emergency bad enough to warrant evacuation, that bridge could easily escalate a bad situation into a catastrophic situation. Please commit to work with other state legislators and federal agencies to ensure this problem is addressed.

Another local concern is the level of traffic traveling through Calvert County. Obviously, we are deeply concerned regarding the rumors of another Bay Bridge being constructed in Calvert. We ask that you please approach this with the greatest delicacy.

Lastly, on the local level, we are extremely concerned with growth.  As you know, this was a hot button topic during the election cycle.  Please consider the fact that the majority of Calvert Citizens believe in “Smart Growth”, not rapid growth.

Beyond local issues, the Democratic Party is primarily concerned at the state level with three things: good governance, economic stability, and the protection of freedoms for all Maryland residents.

Good governance includes making elections free and removing obstacles that prevent citizens from voting. The people have spoken overwhelmingly and across Party lines to remove the Same Day voter registration prohibition from our state constitution. Now, we’re counting on you to pass the necessary laws and get the job done. Let’s make sure that every eligible voter in Maryland has easy access to participating in their government.

Economically, Maryland is 15th in the nation in GDP, 13th in GDP per capita. There is no reason why any full-time worker in a state as prosperous as ours should struggle to make ends meet. Let’s make sure that Maryland is affordable for all of its citizens and get the Fight for fifteen over the finish line.

Lastly, we are interested in protecting the freedoms of all Marylanders regardless of nationality, creed, or immigration status. We are concerned about our LGBTQ communities, our immigrant communities, and other at-risk communities in this political climate. We urge you to consider how your decisions will affect the welfare of all Maryland residents – and to actively pursue equal justice for all of your constituents.

We commend you for stepping forward to represent all the people of Southern Maryland and look forward to working with you on these issues over your term of service.”