Dr. Maya Rockymoore Cummings Visits Calvert County

Prince Frederick, Maryland. February 26, 2019 - Dr. Maya Rockymoore Cummings Chair of the Maryland Democratic Party visited Calvert County to speak at the monthly meeting of the Calvert County Democratic Club. Dr. Cummings discussed her long-term plans for the upcoming 2020 elections and beyond.


At the meeting, held at Adam's Taphouse and Grille in Prince Frederick, Dr. Cummings shared the party’s vision for the future including a whole state strategy for Maryland Democrats to expand our base, advocate for Democratic policies, and achieve success across Maryland, including rural counties like Calvert. She gave assurances to Calvert Democrats that the state party will be working to include a diverse coalition of people and ideas to promote Democratic ideals and policy across the state of Maryland, without leaving anyone behind; as well as building a strong lineup of candidates to win seats across the state.


Dr. Cummings’ visit was met with optimism and and enthusiasm by the Calvert Democrats after a thoughtful question and answer session, where attendees brought ideas and concerns to the Chair on how Democrats can continue to expand their presence and influence in Calvert County.


Chair Cummings assured the attendees that this would not be her only visit to Calvert County, and that it would be part of a continual relationship between Maryland’s county parties and the state organization.


group shot of meeting