Calvert County Democratic Central Committee

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The Calvert County Democratic Central Committee
P. O. Box 2063
Prince Frederick, MD 20678
Phone: 410.414.3660
Office location:
250 Merrimac Court
Prince Frederick, MD 20678
The office is staffed Monday, Wednesday & Friday, 12:30 to 3:00 pm.


The Calvert County Democratic Central Committee is the governing body of, and official spokesman for the Democratic Party in Calvert County.

Some of the duties of the Central Committee are to establish and operate an effective Democratic political organization for Calvert County; to seek to register new voters as Democrats; to encourage those already registered otherwise to change their registration so that they can join us and vote in our Primaries; to encourage all citizens to register to vote and to participate in each and every election; to help educate and motivate citizens to speak out on local, state, national, and international matters in a civil manner; to secure the election of all duly nominated Democratic candidates; to fill vacancies in, and in nominations for, public office; to coordinate and assist Democratic activities in Calvert County; to periodically submit to the governor the names of proposed members of the Board of Supervisors of Elections of Calvert County; to engage in fundraising to support the activities enumerated above; to promote the values, principles, objectives and platform of the Democratic Party; and to engage in such other activities as are reasonably necessary and proper to accomplish the foregoing purposes.


Central Committee Members:

CCDCC David Salazar   CCDCC Hagner Mister

CCDCC Helenmary Ball Jeanette Flaim Bio  

CCDCC Beth Swoap   

CCDCC Jeff Long    CCDCC Missy Miller

CCDCC Renita Alexander    CCDCC Rick Piereck

CCDCC Henry Gabelnick    CCDCC Cindy Yoe Member

Lauren Elyard bio

Brett Pyka, Member District 2: (info coming soon)

Joe Thole, Associate Member: (info coming soon)

Tim Klares, Associate Member: (info coming soon)

Renee LaFayette, Member: (info coming soon)


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