Dem Club Discuss Voter Database, Committees

Posted 01 September 2017CDCC

The Calvert County Democratic Club had a great turnout for its August meeting on the 29th at Adam’s Taphouse. The meeting opened with announcements from the Club and the Central Committee. Committee Chair, Hagner Mister, invited everyone to attend the Canvassing Training being offered by the Central Committee on Sept. 16th at 11 am. As the 2018 elections draw near, Democratic candidates are relying on the Central Committee for support in getting out the vote. Get in touch to find out how you can help today.

Photography by Jackie Cutlip-Niles

The guest speaker was Mr. Tyler Carr, Data Director for the Maryland Democratic Party. Mr. Carr led an instructional discussion about MDVAN (VoteBuilder), a browser- and app-based software that allows campaigns and committees from across the state to access information about voters and volunteers, and to easily create walk lists and call lists. VAN allows users to break down a voting district by geography making it easy to create canvassing turfs. It can also organize voter information by voting history, party affiliation, age, and many other criteria. Mr. Carr provides about eight training sessions each month on VAN usage and optimization. The next two training sessions will be Sept. 5, 2017, 2:00 PM and Sept. 6, 2017, 7:00 PM. Both are for beginners. You can sign up for either of these training sessions or see when other September trainings will take place here. For more information, you can contact Tyler Carr directly at

Following the guest speaker, club committees were discussed. The Democratic Club is working hard to shift from a social group to an active organization and needs support from the local progressive community. Several committee vacancies include: Steering and Activism, which coordinates outreach and education on specific issues for the public and for candidates; Events, which combines efforts with the other Clubs and Central Committee to ensure that a Democratic Presence is visible in our community; Community Outreach and Philanthropy, which organizes opportunities to associate the Club with good works in the community – currently trying to organize a Democratic Club Presence at the CAASA 5K on Nov. 4th; and Membership and Communication, which works to find and recruit new members and to keep members and the public informed on Club news and events.

If you can put your talents into any of these areas, please contact the Club ( today or come to the next meeting on Tuesday, September 26th at 7pm at Adam's Taphouse in Prince Frederick to learn more.