Good turnout for the CCDCC Candidate Academy

Posted on 31 March 2017

The first class of the Candidate Academy convened last week, and was met by about a dozen people interested in running for office in Calvert County. This class featured the knowledge of former State Delegate Sue Kullen, who articulated for the would-be candidates the emotional effects of both victory and defeat on the campaign trail.

Students also received a beneficial explanation from Tyler Redenbaugh of the Maryland State Democratic Party of how it can be a useful tool for candidates once they file as a Democratic Candidate. Lastly, Ebony Sherbert-Parran from the Maryland State Board of Elections gave an overview of campaign finance.

The academy has agreed to meet once a month to help candidates along as they begin the intimidating journey towards public service. Once all the candidates file, there will be a special class held for the treasurers on each campaign delving deeper into campaign finance and its complexity.