BOCC Legislative Requests

CCDCC CalvertThe Board of County Commissioners has decided on 20 requests for legislative action which will be presented to the Calvert County Delegation on  December 12, 2017 at 7:00  p.m. at the Calvert Pines Senior Center in Prince Frederick. Many of the requests were administrative or procedural. Of the most interest were:


  1. Proposed salaries for County Treasurer, Sheriff, Judges of the Orphan’s Court, County Commissioners, Board President, and benefits.
  2. The creation of an exemption or credit of personal property taxes for properties worth less than $215,000.00, with the goal of benefitting small businesses.
  3. An initial bond authority of $92,782,915.00 for various capital projects in FY2019. During discussion, it was decided that four projects would be deferred, reducing the bond by $17,342,600.00. The deferred projects were a) the Twin Beaches library branch, b) The St. Leonard Town Square Community Center, c) the Dunkirk Park Tennis Court construction, and d) the Chesapeake Hills Golf Course Clubhouse. One of the reasons to defer these projects, according to the discussion held, was to enable candidates running in 2018 to have the time to discuss these projects.


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