A Time to Reflect and to Look Forward

Posted 28 December 2017

A Look Back at 2017

With the approach of the New Year, we at the Calvert County Democratic Central Committee have been reflecting on our actions and preparations during these last twelve months. Although the year started with a blow, we have been very busy to ensure success going forward.

Throughout January and February we began reorganizing our communications networks. Several upgrades to our website and increased application of social media has been helping us to get our message out. Democrats are present and ACTIVE in Calvert County! So you can stay informed on Calvert Dems’ NEWS or EVENTS, learn what you need to know in order to VOTE, find out what is happening in your COMMUNITY or what you can do to GET INVOLVED, learn about the 2018 ELECTIONS and what you need to know about who is running, or scroll through our ARCHIVES to see what we have been doing for the Calvert Democratic community. And be sure to like and follow us on Facebook and Twitter. Communication is an ongoing project, so if you have any ideas about how we can better serve Calvert County Democrats, contact us today.


We were so pleased with the wonderful turnout for our 19th Annual Goldstein Dinner in March. Besides being a much-appreciated opportunity to recognize the wonderful community service of individuals in Calvert County, the Goldstein Dinner serves as a chance to come together as Democrats and get excited about what we can accomplish when we energize and mobilize. Be sure to save the date for our 20th Annual Goldstein Dinner on March 22th, 2018.

Spring of 2017 also saw the launch of the inaugural CCDCC Candidates’ Academy. The primary goal of the Democratic Central Committee is to get Democrats elected to office. With that in mind, the CCDCC offered a series of classes geared towards preparing first-time candidates with the knowledge and tools necessary in order to successfully run for office. We hope to see all the 2017 participants holding office soon!

The CCDCC was heavily focused on politics throughout April, as the Maryland General Assembly was coming to a close and many key pieces of legislation were coming down to the wire. Several of 2017’s most contentious legislative priorities are coming up again in the 2018 General Assembly session, so be sure to follow our news page for information as they progress.

As May rolled in, so did change in the Maryland Democratic Party with the election of Kathleen Matthews as Chair. Beyond Matthews’ efforts to resist state-level impacts of the Trump administration and replace Gov. Hogan in 2018, she has also committed to revitalize the state party infrastructure, mainly by implementing an “all-Maryland strategy” to recruit and support candidates across the state.

Summer was spent strategizing for 2018. The CCDCC worked hard to get the precinct captains program off the ground, building the network of effective targeting to swing the elections and Turn Calvert Blue. Summer also saw the release of our messaging campaign. HEAL AMERICA is a rallying cry for Democrats which defines a VISION for all Americans. It will take all of us working together to move forward with compassionate and responsible action. Be sure to contact us to get your bumper sticker!

CCDCC     CCDCC     

Fall was a very productive season for the CCDCC. Through the diligent efforts of our office staff, the headquarters was reorganized to prepare for walk-ins and visitors, Democratic events and meetings, as well as campaign phone-banking. The Central Committee also hosted a training session for canvassers and as part of our precinct organization. We are working hard to ensure a successful election in 2018. Find out how you can help here. We rounded out the season nicely by having a great showing at the Calvert County Fair. Between volunteers under the tent and visitors to it, we showed Calvert County that Democrats are here and ready for the upcoming elections.   

CCDCCWe had so many proud Calvert Democrats wearing their new Tee Shirts in October. Find out how to get yours! It was a great time to get together at King’s Landing for a fantastic Calvert Democratic Picnic. Many local Dems came out and enjoyed some good discussion and great food and drinks. Senator Mike Miller spoke about the challenges ahead in the 2018 Governor's race and several candidates for Commissioner talked about local issues that are particularly important to them.

The Democratic Holiday Party closed the year out nicely with yet another opportunity for Calvert Democrats to get excited about the Blue Wave coming in 2018 and to celebrate our accomplishments throughout this busy year. Many people worked very hard to make 2017 a success and we know that we’ll have to double our efforts as the election approaches. We’re looking forward to the coming year as we continue to work and coordinate with local candidates to Turn Calvert Blue. We hope that 2018 brings you and your family much joy and happiness, and that it brings Democrats to office in Calvert County.


Happy New Year!