MD Democratic Party Elects a New Chair

Posted on 06 May 2017MD Democratic Party

With an overwhelming majority of votes, including the backing of the party’s senior elected officials, Kathleen Matthews became the Maryland Democratic Party Chair earlier today.

Matthews, a businesswoman and former television journalist from Montgomery County, has been serving as interim chair since March 1st, when Bruce Poole stepped down. She has voiced a determination to harness the grass-roots political activism that has sprung up since the election of Donald Trump in an attempt to channel it into the party going forward.

While registered democrats hold a near 2 to 1 majority in Maryland overall, the 2014 election still resulted in several losses of statehouse seats and the defeat of Lt. Gov. Anthony Brown (D) to our current Governor, Larry Hogan (R). These losses are indicative of a disconnected Democratic party and a passive voter base. Matthews believes she can bring the party back together and energize it for the upcoming 2018 election.

Beyond Matthews’ efforts to resist state-level impacts of the Trump administration and replace Gov. Hogan in 2018, she has also promised to revitalize the state party infrastructure, mainly by implementing an “all-Maryland strategy” to recruit and support candidates across the state. We wish our new chair the best going forward and look forward to working with her for a successful 2018.