Scholarship Deadline March 30!

CCDWC Women's Club Scholarships

Calvert County Democratic Scholarships


The Democratic Party in Calvert County is pleased to announce four scholarships of $1000 each to seniors who will be continuing their formal education. The party anticipates awarding one scholarship to a graduating senior in each of the County’s high schools. To apply, visit:


To be considered, an applicant must submit an essay entitled “What the Democratic Party Means to Me.” The essay must be no longer than one page, double-spaced. The applicant’s essay will be the most important decision criterion that the selection committee will consider.


Other criteria for selection include the applicant’s commitment to the community, academic performance, extracurricular activities, financial need, and strength of endorsements.

All parts of the Democratic Party in the County are participating in funding and judging these scholarships. The Calvert County Women’s Democratic Club is taking the lead assisted by the Central Committee, the Democratic Club, and the Riverside Club.


It is our hope all applicants will develop a deeper understanding of the political process on a national, state, and local level, and will appreciate how important participation by everyone is to the success of our democracy.


Applications must be submitted by March 30th, so be sure to fill one out today.


Scholarship Committee Calvert County Women’s Democratic Club:

Stovy Brown, Chair

John Bennett

Betty Carico

Norma Imershein

Cheryl Place

Paula Willoughby

Please be sure to share with every high school senior that you know!

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