2018 Goldsetin Dinner Recap

Posted 25 March 2018

CCDCC Goldstein Dinner

The Calvert County Democratic Central Committee hosted our 20th Annual Louis L. Goldstein Dinner on Thursday to recognize Democrats' service and dedication over this last year. Local Democrats were honored as well as state representatives during the joyful dinner. While there was great fun and celebration at last year’s progress and next year’s potential, the stirring moment of the evening was the silence spent in reflection for Jaelynn Willey, the 16-year-old student who was shot at Great Mills High School earlier that week.

Congressman Steny Hoyer requested that everyone in attendance observe a moment of silence after being informed that Jaelynn Willey had been taken off of life support. “A moment of silence is appropriate, but we need action.” Hoyer followed up with a reminder that much work needs to be done to ensure safety from gun violence in our schools and communities, cautioning that it may be an uphill battle, but one we can fight and win together.

CCDCC Goldstein Dinner        CCDCC Goldstein Dinner

Senator Mike Miller presented Maryland Attorney General Brian Frosh the Standing for Justice Award. Frosh has worked tirelessly in ensuring that freedoms and rights are exercised equally across all of Maryland’s citizens, and in standing for Maryland against the devastating effects of the President and his administration. The Calvert County Democratic Central Committee offers AG Frosh our gratitude and appreciation.

CCDCC Goldstein Dinner

You can find the Calvert Recorder's article on our event here


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