National Night Out Voter Registration

The Democratic Women's Club is hosting 3 Outreach booths and Voter Registration Tables during National Night Out, August 7th from 5pm to 8pm. We need volunteers to staff all 3 booths. One is in Lusby and two are in Prince Frederick. Sign Up Here or call (410) 535-0585 to volunteer.

Hundreds of people, especially young families with children, come to these events. We have small toys, flags, and water squirt toys (not water guns) to hand out. 

We are looking for donations of small candy items that will not melt. 

But, most of all we are looking for people to be at the booths. Young members would be great as it is generally a young crowd. And, we will need at least one person per booth who has been certified to register voters. Please help us reach out to these communities by volunteering at one of these booths

Event Date