Dem Booth at the County Fair

CCDCC County FairIt's that time of year again.  Time to sign-up to volunteer to staff our tent at the Calvert County Fair. It is imperative that we make a strong showing this year as the Fair is right before the General Election. We would like to have 5-7 people at the tent at all times during the entire time that the Fair is open. We are only asking volunteers to work 1 hour at a time, so please SIGN-UP Today!

9/26 (Wed):     4pm - 9pm (one-hour shifts)
9/27 (Thurs):  9am - 9pm  (one-hour shifts)
9/28 (Fri):       9am - 10pm (one-hour shifts)
9/29 (Sat):      9am - 10pm (one-hour shifts)
9/30 (Sun):     11am - 6pm (one-hour shifts)

    Sign up here to give one hour of your time at the fair to help staff the Democratic Booth.

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