Brian Frosh for Attorney General

Posted 18 September 2018

CCDCC Brian Frosh, Maryalnd Attorney GeneralThe start date of Early Voting, October 25, is just around the corner and I know you share the knowledge that getting out the vote for Democrats is vital. My campaign for re-election as Attorney General is thrilled with the energy of your Democratic team across Calvert County.


I have worked hard to be the People’s Lawyer for the past four years and the office has proved to be a powerful platform. Still, there is much work still to be done and I hope you will support me to continue the fight.


In September, we brought suit against a business that we allege led Marylanders to become addicted to opioids after the company’s fentanyl spray was prescribed to them.  My team is deeply committed to this issue – we know that few families are untouched by the opioid crisis.


My AG team has prosecuted criminal gangs, car-jacking rings, and other serious threats to our safety. We shut down scammers. We are tackling Medicaid fraud and abuse against the elderly and vulnerable. And, finally, where President Trump has threatened Maryland’s health care, environment, rights and values, I have stood up to protect Marylanders. 


Join me. Get a Frosh sign, bumper sticker, or t-shirt at the Dems’ office at 250 Merrimac Court in Prince Frederick. And, above all, vote and get every Democrat you know to join you! Thank you.  

Brian Frosh 

Maryland Attorney General