Statement from Attorney General Brian Frosh

Posted 14 October 2018

CCDCC Brian FroshHas it ever felt more important to get to the polls -- either to vote early between October 25 and November 1 or on Election Day, November 6?  Despite the challenges we know we face, new activists are teaming up with longtime activists to create a powerful force in politics.  We can’t let up now.


I want Marylanders to feel safer from crime, pollution, and other challenges that affect our wellbeing.  The Office of the Attorney General has been a force for protecting individuals from predatory practices that can touch every family.  A senior should not feel pressured to sign up for anything that they do not understand or cannot afford – and we’ve had success after success in investigating and shutting down wrongdoing.  Those committing Medicaid fraud must face the consequences and we, for example, won a $10 million settlement from EpiPen maker Mylan based on fraud charges.


We are battling vigorously for enforcement of protections for clean water and air. My commitment to environmental causes runs deep -- as you know from my success as a legislator in Annapolis in banning oil drilling in the Chesapeake Bay.  Air pollution takes many forms – some we don’t know about until it’s too late. In the case of Volkswagen’s emission scandal, we took vigorous action for Marylanders, and, my Office recovered around $200 million for the harm Volkswagen inflicted on consumers and the damage it did to our environment.


The work of AG is what I want to do.  I care deeply about the future for every Marylander and for generations to come. I value your support for my re-election and for all Democrats in this important mid-term election.


Brian Frosh

Maryland Attorney General


By Authority: Citizens for Brian Frosh, Jerry Gross, Treasurer