Door Knocking Underway!

Posted 12 October 2018

We need volunteers who are willing to go knocking on doors to get people out to vote. We will only be visiting registered Democrats and Unaffiliated voters. We'll talk to them about the issues that they most care about, remind them about Election Day and Early Voting, offer to provide a ride to the poll, and pass out campaign materials preassembled in convenient bags.


 For those with Smart Phones, the list of homes can be downloaded through an easy-to-use app. We've got folks at the ready to train everyone in its use. Half hour training max. Then we'll get you the bags and send you on your way. Door knock on your own, or bring some friends along for the nice walk. Get out in the County and meet you Democratic neighbors!


 For training and materials, email Let’s get out there and have some good conversations with voters..