CCDWC Elects New Leadership

Posted 06 December 2018

Congratulations to our newly-elected Women’s Club Officers:

President: Cindy Yoe
Vice President: Inez Claggett
Secretary: Linda Copeland
Treasurer: Fran Inacio

In the last two years, the Calvert County Democratic Women’s Club has grown from 11 active members to over 114. We have established a Democratic presence at several annual community events. We have awarded 7 scholarships to local students across the two years, and have already raised the funds to award 2019’s four scholarships. We have donated 660 pounds of food to local food banks, a trunk of sanitary pads to incarcerated women, and a trunk of school supplies to be distributed to children in need in Calvert County. We were a Democratic presence at every precinct in the 2018 election by staffing tents at early voting and on election day, phone-banking and canvassing, and letting every Democrat in Calvert County know that we are here and we are working for a better Calvert. We were part of an effort that saw a 17.19% increase in 2018 in Calvert Democratic participation from the mid-terms in 2014.

We are sure that the Club will continue to thrive and grow under your leadership, and look forward to the next two years of increasing Democratic Values throughout our great county!