Central Committee Meeting Discussions and Highlights

Posted 21 July 2017CCDCC

The Central Committee held our July meeting at the Asbury this Thursday evening where the public was invited to participate in discussions of Committee business. Chair Hagner Mister opened the meeting with an acknowledgement of the work that needs to be done in Calvert County and thanks to the community for their support and engagement.

The Precinct program manager, Cindy Yoe, spoke about the progress thus far in getting the precinct organization up and ready for 2018. There is still a need for precinct captains in each of Calvert’s three districts. If you could spend a few hours a week getting out the vote for 2018, please sign up here or contact Cindy Yoe: yoedems@gmail.com. Also mentioned was the need for signage in public view to get out the word that Democrats are here in Calvert County. If you know of anyone who owns property along Route 2/4 anywhere in Calvert County, please contact us so that Democrats can make our presence known.

Mike Fitton presented an update from the Issues Team, which has made substantial progress researching the addiction epidemic in Maryland and Calvert County to provide Democratic candidates with knowledge and background on the issue. The work on addiction is nearing an end and will be turned over to the advocate groups in the Democratic Clubs for further work and to keep the issue up-to-date. The task force will then select another topic to work to benefit local candidates as well as the state in furtherance of the 2018 all-Maryland state party strategy. The final interim report will be ready for presentation in September or October.

Also presented for discussion was the Events Committee which will keep a record of Calvert County events where the Democratic Central Committee could participate and reach out to the community at large. If you are aware of any events through which the Calvert Democrats could engage with the public, please contact us and let us know.

We thank the Riverside Club for hosting this month’s meeting at the Asbury. The next meeting will be on Thursday, August 17th at 6:30 pm at the College of Southern Maryland in Prince Frederick, Room B112.