Statement from the CCDCC Regarding the "Deplorables" Sign Ownership

On August 13, 2019 the Calvert Recorder published an article regarding the ownership of the "Deplorables" billboard in Calvert County. The Recorder reached out to us the day before publication for a comment. Below is our official statement from the Calvert County Democratic Central Committee.


"It is unfortunate to learn that the owners of Vera’s White Sands Beach Club, a prominent fixture in Calvert County, are those responsible for the infamous series of  “Deplorables” signs. The sentiments that this billboard has conveyed contain the same disgusting language that demonizes your friends and neighbors right here at home and inspires hate and violence against innocent people nationwide. Indeed, we have seen that this type of language has already inspired acts of violence throughout our country from El Paso to Charlottesville. There are approximately 24,000 registered Democrats in Calvert County as well as nearly 13,000 unaffiliated voters. We shop at the same stores, our children go to the same schools, and we all love our home here in Calvert. The repulsive billboards in question continually drives a wedge between families and neighbors and encourages the division that we all grow more frustrated with each day. We, as the Calvert County Democratic Central Committee, call for Mr. Stanley and Ms. Del Ricco to remove this sign once and for all, and to cease sowing hate and division in Calvert County. The hateful rhetoric displayed on these signs does not represent Calvert County, and has no place here."