Senior Girl Scouts Visit Calvert County Democratic Headquarters

Posted on 25 August 2017CCDCC

We welcomed six rising Senior Girl Scouts and their Leader at Democratic Headquarters Wednesday, August 23, 2017. Scout Leader Genie Carroll brought her troop: Olivia, Adriana, Zoe, Emma, Kamyia and Elisabeth, to continue their progress on the “Behind the Ballot” badge. This badge will transition, or bridge them, from Cadette to Senior level.

The Ballot Badge teaches “that voting is a responsibility; that you can make your voice heard and make choices about how you think things should be done in government.” It teaches the importance of voting and what the electoral process is in the US and around the world. These young women participated in a campaign to become officers of their group. Their campaign activities included planning the campaign, writing and giving speeches about why they wanted the position and creating ads and posters. Each have contributed over 300 volunteer hours in their Girl Scout careers, mostly in Calvert County property clean-up and upkeep, but some have offered to help us at our booth at the County Fair in September, and at our precinct tent tables during the Primary (June 26, 2018) and General Elections (Nov. 6, 2018).The girls are also interested in volunteering to phone bank.


Cheryl Place, CCDCC Member, explained that the function of the Democratic Central Committee is to help candidates get elected to local offices, educate them about how to run a campaign through an Academy Training program, employ phone banking and door knocking for candidates, and outreach activities throughout the year.

Sandra VanOosten, CCDCC Volunteer staff, explained the information packets which were compiled for the girls. It included “A Citizen’s Guide to the US Congress, How a Bill Becomes a Law” from Sen. Ben Cardin’s office; “How to Become President of the US,” the educational booklet; “Electing the President,” and other voter registration information from the CC Board of Elections office; the “Democratic Green Initiatives” document written by the CCD Women’s Club; and “What It Means to be a Democrat” flyer.

These young women already are contributing to our County by volunteering, learning about civics and about their rights and responsibilities to become informed voters. They are excited to vote when they come of age, and are learning that civic engagement means more than just voting. They inspire us! Our thanks go to their impressive Leader who takes time to model what it means to give back to the community by working with the over 30 girls, and young women, as well as other Leaders she has been working with for 8 years! We thank them for visiting with us.