Incredible Energy at the Goldstein Dinner

Posted on 09 March 2017

Goldstein Dinner

Last night the Democratic Central Committee hosted the 19th annual Goldstein Dinner. Turnout was tremendous. It was truly inspiring to see so many come out to support the local Democrats! Thanks to everyone who came to enjoy the evening. Delegate Mike Jackson officiated with style as he introduced each speaker. Senator Ben Cardin and Representative Steny Hoyer gave stirring talks about the future of the Democratic Party. Senator Chris Van Hollen spoke about the need to focus the party’s efforts on smaller towns and districts. He identified the necessity of grassroots activism at this time, highlighting the effectiveness of recent efforts to show up and be heard. He also discussed the need to be an inclusive party, to carry our message even into the districts where we don’t think we’ll be heard.

Van Hollen’s speech was followed by the presentation of awards. Marie and Ron Brvenik were presented with the Dan Pike Volunteer of the Year Award for their tireless efforts in activism throughout the year. Malcolm and Annette Funn were presented with this year’s Community Service Award for their inspiring and lifelong dedication to community engagement. Beth Swoap was presented with the Chairman’s Award for all the work and energy she routinely pours into the Central Committee. Finally, the whole room was moved by the posthumous presentation of this year’s Louis L. Goldstein Award to Clifton E. Savoy, Jr. Friends and family spoke to his amazing spirit and indefatigable volunteerism. The presentation was a testament to how many lives Cliff’s touched and changed. Be sure to visit our Photo Gallery of the event.