Our Fearless Leaders
Our Fearless Leaders

The Calvert County Democratic Women’s Club hosted their annual auction this week in support of the scholarship fund. Each year the Women’s Club distributes four scholarships, one to a qualifying senior from each of Calvert County’s four high schools. The Annual Auction is the largest fundraiser the Women’s Club hosts for this great cause.

On Tuesday, Calvert Democrats came out to Adam’s Taphouse in Prince Frederick to laugh, eat, drink, and BID on baskets created and donated by Women’s Club members. Each basket or container held a selection of items along a common theme. The event was well attended and a big success for the scholarship fund! You can see many more photos here. The Women’s Club would like to extend a huge THANK YOU to all the participants and contributors of the event for making it such a fun evening.

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CDC Data from Reporting Jurisdictions

Provisional data from the CDC’s National Center for Health and Statistics shows that drug overdose deaths are increasing even faster than has been assumed. An overwhelming increase of 22% from 2015 to 2016 nationwide of drug-related deaths overall is astonishing enough, but even more so when looking at fentanyl alone: 540% increase over just three years.

Maryland shows the steepest increase of the states reporting. It’s too early to know how the overdose crisis will develop over the course of 2017, but preliminary reporting form health departments, coroners, and medical examiners do not yet contain any good news. This is an epidemic which rivals that of HIV during its peak.

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CDC Data from Reporting Jurisdictions

Local Democratic Party Picnic

The Calvert County Central Committee is pleased to be announcing a picnic on Sunday, October 22nd from 12 to 4:30 pm at King’s Landing Park in Huntingtown. There is so much going on with the Party in Calvert County – with all the different Clubs and Activism Groups, between so many different trainings and events – this is an excellent opportunity for all of us to get together and catch up on what’s happening and get to know each other better.

The Central Committee will be hosting with hot dogs and hamburgers; soda, water and beer; games and crafts. Feel free to bring a dish if you wish and come out for some good food and great company. We would appreciate an RSVP either to our email:, our phone: (410) 414-3660, or you can RSVP here.

We’re looking forward to sharing fun, food, and ideas with all the progressive thinkers of Calvert County, so be sure to mark your calendar today, and bring along a friend!

Picnic Meet and Greet


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Heal America

You may have already seen some cars in Calvert County featuring a bumper sticker with the slogan “HEAL AMERICA.” This new slogan is an attempt to demonstrate that Democrats are in Calvert and ready to work to work to ease the divide evident in our politics and our nation.


HEAL AMERICA is a rallying cry for Democrats which defines a VISION for all Americans. It will take all of us working together to move forward with compassionate and responsible action.


The lack of civility caused by political extremes has brought our national problem-solving to a screeching halt. Through compromise, we again can raise the good of the country over political idealism.


Once we have restored honest and civil political discourse, the country can get on with the tasks necessary to keep it great. They include: 

  • Fixing healthcare
  • Repairing infrastructure
  • Providing jobs and training
  • Reforming campaign finance
  • Updating the tax system
  • Making education effective
  • Sustaining Social Security
  • Strengthening foreign relations
  • Sharpening trade agreements
  • Encouraging healthy lifestyles
  • Reducing drug use
  • Managing immigration
  • Caring for the environment
  • Guaranteeing equal rights

HEAL AMERICA - Put Americans to work with jobs and training programs.
HEAL AMERICA - Focus on disease prevention and effective addiction programs to reduce the burden of treatment and rehabilitation.
HEAL AMERICA - Cooperate and compromise to solve critical problems.

To get your free bumper sticker, stop by the Women’s Club Basket Auction THIS Tuesday, September 12th from 6:30 to 8:30 pm at Adam’s Taphouse in Prince Frederick. Or stop by the Democratic Headquarters during office hours (Mon., Wed., and Fri. from 12:30 to 3pm) and pick yours up! Contact us with questions or for more information.